Discuss the impacts of Persuasive Appeals.

A persuasive speaker uses one or more types of appeal that include logos (logical proof), ethos (speaker’s credibility), pathos (emotional proof) and mythos (cultural belief and values). See the Using Evidence Effectively section in Ch. 15 for more information on these types of appeals. In this discussion, begin by watching the brief video from Matt Cutts entitled “Try Something New for 30 Days.”https://youtu.be/UNP03fDSj1U(TEDEducation. YouTube. TED, 05 Apr. 2013. Web. 21 July 2017.)To complete the Discussion activity, please answer the following in a one- to two-paragraph discussion board post:Comment on which of the four types of appeal you think Cutts is using primarily in his speech. Identify the type(s) of appeal and give a rationale for your answer.