Discuss the Queerness of Love.

Queerness of Love essay.Choose one of the following quotes and use that quote as the basis for a three-page, double-spaced essay.1: From Socrates “Symposium”:Diotima to Socrates: “The man who has been guided thus far in the mysteries of love, and who has directed his thoughts towards examples of beauty in due and orderly succession, will suddenly have revealed to him as he approaches the end of his initiation a beauty who nature is marvelous indeed, the final goal, Socrates, of all his previous efforts. This beauty is first of all eternal; it neither comes into being nor passes away, neither waxes or wanes…”2: From “Frankenstein”:Frankenstein telling his story to Walton: “Under the guidance of my new preceptors I entered with the greatest diligence into the search of the philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life; but the latter soon obtained my undivided attention. Wealth was an inferior object, but what glory would attend the discovery if I could banish disease from the human frame and render man invulnerable to any but a violent death.”3: From “Death in Venice”:The Narrator in “Death in Venice: ”Too late! He thought at that moment.Too late! But was it too late? This step that he failed to take would very possibly have been all to the good, it might have had a lightening, gladdening effect, ledperhaps to a wholesome disenchantment. But the fact now seemed to be that the aging lover no longer wished to be disenchanted, the intoxication was too precious to him….For not to be able to want sobriety is licentious folly. Aschenbach was no longer disposed to self-analysis. He had no taste for it….”4: From the book “Passing” by Nella Larsen:The narrator in Passing: “She couldn’t betray Clare, couldn’t even run the risk of appearing to defend a people that were being maligned, for fear that that defence might in some infinitesimal degree lead the way to final discovery of her secret. She had to Clare Kendry, a duty. She was bound to her by those very ties of race, which, for all her repudiation of them, Clare had been unable to completely sever.”A suggested organization for your essay is as follows:- Begin with situating the quote. Where does it appear in the text? How does it drive or help explain the plot? Your remarks here are very basic and only serve to offer the necessary details to orient the reader. The rest of the paragraph should explain what you intend to prove on the basis of that quote and how will you will prove your thesis.- Begin your analysis of the quote with a very! close reading of the quote. You should explain the key terms, more specifically, what do the key terms mean in the context of the entire text. Dictionary definitions are, for the most part, NOT helpful here. What is helpful is to explain, if possible, the terms by referring to other uses of the words in the text. That may be not feasible for this assignment.- Once you have analyzed the quote in detail, explain how it can serve as a key for understanding the text as a whole. Here, you will want to quote from other parts of the text.