Discuss the role of Local Jails in Criminalization and Mass Incarceration.

Between 3,500 and 5,000 words1) Introduce the topic2) In depth historical background and context – you should place this topic in the context of key developments in the history of crime and/or drug policy in the 20th century U.S. A main goal of this project is to provide policymakers with the historical context/knowledge that is often lacking3) Key recent developments (court cases, policy shifts, presidential administrations, congressional laws, political movements, etc.) Focus on the time period since the 1990s.4) Identify the positions of key actors (advocacy groups, government agencies, elected officials, courts, parties, proponents and opponents, etc.) This includes the policy positions of both the recent Obama administration and the new Trump administration, where relevant. 5) Summarize/analyze the main positions of the political/legal stakes of the contemporary debate about this policy in a way that lays out all sides fairly, but then conclude by providing your own recommendations for the future, grounded in evidence and history to support your arguments.