Discuss the use of renewable energies to generate hydrogen

provide a detailed update on your investigation/ design/experiment/ analysis/results/ findings as appropriate. Indicate any changes in the project definition and plan that may have occurred as a result of your investigations. Your inquiries may lead you to extend on the preliminary literature survey, in which case you should report on additional literature that informs the project. In addition to reporting on the project itself, you should also reflect on the progress made and what you have learned. prepare a report detailing the progress made on your project and the revised plan for completion Follow the CRA to get full mark 1. Executive summary 2. Introduction 3. Project topic: ? Objective 4. project overview: ? Scope 5. Literature review: Hydrogen Similarities and differences between hydrogen and other elements 6. Research Progress: Methods of hydrogen production: ? Displacement methods ? Thermal decomposition ? Electrolysis Discussion on the three methods: ? Discuss on the three methods ? Comparing the three methods ? Why Electrolysis method is the best choice Hydrogen applications: ? Hydrogen fuel cells: What is it How it works Why it is useful 7. limitations 8. reflection on progress: ?