Discuss why the Deepwater Horizon disaster happened.

Using the knowledge you gained in the Managment Theory I & II courses about leadership and management conduct an analysis of the case. Use all of the information given in the case study. It is quite a lot of information. Discuss why the Deepwater Horizon disaster happened. How a company known for being a relatively good corporate citizen become involved in what many argue is the nation’s worst environmental disaster. I have included some questions below to use as a starting point. You should analyze the impact on the organization, the workers, leadership, and the customers. Remember that all the deliverables in this course are to be APA styled with all that requires. The body of the paper should be at a minimum of three pages in length. An assignment link will be available within this week’s content so you can upload your deliverable.QUESTIONS1. Why did the Deepwater Horizon disaster happen?2. In order to prevent (or at least mitigate) the Deepwater Horizon disaster, who should havedone what, when, where, and why? Who should have stepped up to stop this disaster?3. If you became the new CEO of BP, what would you do in the short- and long-term to changethe company’s culture and organizational design?https://mitsloan.mit.edu/LearningEdge/Leadership/BP-Deepwater-Horizon-Disaster/Pages/default.aspx***MUST INCLUDE REFERENCE PAGE AND IN TEXT CITATION IN APA FORMAT.