Do we have a chairman for the meeting?

Option 1You are a tax accountant for a woman named Dr. Barbara Smith. She is a retired university professor. She recently received a letter from the IRS dated December 2, 2016. You need to send a message to the IRS on behalf of Dr. Smith to explain her situation and request a revised tax bill be sent to her.In no particular order, here are the facts:The IRS claims that Dr. Smith had three income payments not reported or listed on her tax return.The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association payment she received that year was $1,213. Of this amount, $516 was on her return on Schedule B as dividends.The College Retirement Equity Annuity payment she received of $2,656 seems to be missing from her return.Dr. Smith has a business that includes writing.Of the Teachers Inurance Annuity Association payment, $697 of it was listed on line 16 of the return as fully taxable pension.You want the IRS to send Dr. Smith a revised tax bill.Dr. Smith’s Social Security Number (SSN) is 123-56-9876.The book royalties of $275 she earned was included in the $4,660 gross receipts on Schedule C under Business Income.Option 2You work for the HR department of a large company of more than 10,000 employees. You need to send a message to all employees to tell them that no more paper checks will be issued for pay, but that all pay will be done by direct deposit.In no particular order, here are the facts:Direct deposit saves the company money –no stamps or paper.Employees must get a voided check or routing number to HR by XXX Date (you can make that up).This will save employees time! No trips to the bank. Money available on pay date.Those who already signed up for direct deposit do not have to do anything.This is mandatory, not optional.Paperwork must be completed by fax or in person. No emailing employee bank info.HR took a long time to consider the options and costs of payment methods.Option 3You are the owner of a small company with 10 employees. You need to send a message to all employees to announce a new holiday and a new requirement for managers to report vacation time for employees.In no particular order, here are the facts:April 1 is the company founder’s date of birth.April 1 is now a company holiday.The company hopes the ultimate outcome of this extra day of released time will be an increase of morale of the entire workforce.The company has arranged with a travel agency for them to provide vacation opportunities at reduced prices for company employees.There is available a brochure from the travel agency in the personnel office, which gives a listing of all the tours that are offered.It is required that all managers submit reports of employee vacation requests and preferences once each quarter.This assignment uses this rubric. Below are some examples of the six c’s of communication from week one. Assignment InstructionsUse the Six Cs of Communication to revise the following sentences. Submit your revision as a .doc or .rtf file.ADirections: Revise using the “you” approach.Example: I am pleased to inform you that you won a prize.Revised: Congratulations! You have won a prize.1. We received your shipment of modems yesterday.2. I need you to confirm these dates with John Bates and Melissa Torres.3. I have included your name on the active alumni database.4. I am giving you a bonus for your energy-saving suggestion.5. We offer three billing options from which you may choose.6. We appreciate your buying our products.7. We think your quarterly report will become a useful document as you plan your investments.8. I am glad you promptly returned my call.BDirections: Change the negative statements to positive or neutral statements.Example: Please do not forget to lock the door.Revised: Please remember to lock the door.1. Do not use the I/We approach in your messages.2. Do not hesitate to call us when you need additional information.3. Never fail to clean your work area before you leave each day.4. We do not make exchanges for purchases without receipts.5. You can’t make deposits after 2:30 p.m.6. You should not misspell names in a message.7. Don’t neglect reading your daily management tip email.CDirections: Change the sexist terms/statements below to gender-free sentences.Example: I had a police man come to my door.Revised: A police officer came to my door.1. In Barraco Hospital, a physician may visit her patients as late as 10 p.m.2. The Craigo Company has openings for six foremen.3. In FCPS, a teacher submits her attendance sheet by 9 a.m.4. A pharmacist must record her patients’ prescriptions in a database.5. Three firemen were injured while they brought the fire under control.6. The mailman used proper lifting techniques to move the heavy bag.7. A lawyer should do her best to defend her clients.8. Do we have a chairman for the meeting?DDirections: Rewrite to be concise.Example: There are seven exceptions to this rule.Revised: This rule has seven exceptions.1. It is a requirement for you to attend every meeting.2. There are four methods you may use to develop courteous messages.3. It was stated by Heather that an hour of dancing could burn between 200 and 400 calories.4. It will be February 10 before you will receive your materials.5. This letter isn’t dated, is it?6. It was recommended by Eric Templeton that you form the habit of rewriting to improve message clarity.7. It is our pleasure that you have chosen Parkway Company as your insurance provider.