Evaluation and re-design of organizational structure

Course outcome addressed: HA510-4: Examine analysis objectives for evaluation and re-design of organizational structures. Instructions: It is often difficult utilize sound reasoning and theoretical principles in stressful situations. In this assignment you will develop a change plan for the corporate headquarters of a large long term care organization. You will be moving from a traditional vertical (hierarchal) design to organizational structure (horizontal) to adapt to the rapid changes in consumer needs. This will also make several positions unnecessary. What are the advantages of this change, what are the disadvantages?Define what steps you could take to overcome this resistance to change.In what ways can you identify individuals for promotion in this new structure?Develop a plan (of at least 1 page) on the RIF (reduction in force), also known as a lay-off, that must occur after the organizations structural change. How will you decide which jobs will have to be eliminated, who will be in on the decision-making process, and how will you notify employees about your decisions? Remember that that horizontal organizations require less middle management not just fewer workers.