Explain how arts education plays a significant roll in your development.

The purpose of this assignment is to present an argument in which you urge your audience to take action. Your audience depends on your topic; assume you are writing to a neutral adult audience that has a basic understanding of the issue. To this effect, you need to write a 4-page research paper (Six total pages including the APA title page and References page). The essay should not be a report of what somebody else has already proposed. Instead, you should make a synthesis of several sources to support a specific point of view in an argument. Topic Choice: You are encouraged to write about a theme interesting to you. Your topic choice needs to be specific and have some level of originality. For example, poverty is not specific enough. You may choose to research poverty in specific groups of people or poverty in a specific region. Homelessness is also broad; you may consider narrowing the topic to homelessness in middle Tennessee. Music is also too broad but there are a lot of ways in which you can make your argument more specific. Audience Again, your audience is a neutral adult audience with a basic understanding of your topic. This means that you shouldnt be defining basic terms or explaining concepts on an elementary level. Furthermore, you should assume your audience does not agree with you but doesnt disagree either. That said, your tone should remain professional and you should be sure to address any counterarguments. Research: Your essay must include a minimum of six sources. Two of your sources should be scholarly (i.e. come from a database). If you choose to use sources outside of the databases, make sure you assess the sources credibility. We will assess sources using the CRAAP test. Your essay should include a References page and proper in-text citations.