Explain how genetic diseases relate to heart disease.

Heart Disease: The Hidden Epidemic- 35 points Answer the following questions: (When asked to provide an example, include names and stories of the people in the film.) When did the Framingham Study begin? How many participants were involved? Was it an observational or experimental study design? (3pts) Name and explain 2-3 lifestyle trends that changed in the U.S. during the Framingham study period? (2pts) Explain and give an example of what effects heart disease can have on a family. What warnings do people have? How many people does heart disease kill a year? (3pts) Explain heart failure. Use specific examples from the movie. (2pts) What are the first symptoms of heart disease in many men and women? What role does high blood pressure play in heart disease? When was this discovered? (3pts) What are the differences in symptoms when looking at women compared to men? Give specific examples. What percent of people know their risk factors? (2pts) What is cholesterol? What two types are there? In 1965, what cholesterol level was considered healthy? What is considered a healthy level today? (4pts) What is FH? Explain how genetic diseases relate to heart disease. Give specific examples from the video. (2pts) How many people in America need heart transplants? How many get them? What can happen after a person has a transplant? What new technology are doctors using and how is it different from what they were using before? (Give the names of the technologies and their differences.) (5pts) How can plaque in the artery walls (not blocking the center of the artery) cause a heart attack? (2pts) Ruptured plaques cause what percent of heart attacks?