Explain in detail what persons present in the situation are involved in the commission of criminal acts?

Factual situation: Criminal Law Specific instructions: You will read the situation of facts that is included next. The concept de facto situation refers to the presentation of a group of real or hypothetical circumstances with the purpose of carrying out an analysis after its study. Using the de facto situation, the student will analyze and apply the criminal law in criminal behavior. 1. Answer the following questions: Explain in detail what persons present in the situation are involved in the commission of criminal acts? Can the state file charges against you? Why? What violations of the law are presented in the present situation of fact? What criminal consequences, if any, will those involved in the criminal acts have? What are the constituent elements of crime that the state has to prove beyond reasonable doubt to achieve a conviction? Factual situation for Task C / P Patron is a drug trafficker from El Miedo neighborhood. This assassinated Costurita, a Fondeador, Pipo and Kobito, who were several rivals who controlled the town’s drug spots of Jaguas Calientes. C / P Matador have also murdered a few of his Lieutenants, but the boss has already decided, and gave a dry order to the C / P Trigger: “Kill him where want you to take it, that that ca …, that son of …, the business is humping me and first dead. You understand me?”. The C / P Trigger replied: “Do not worry boss that I’ll take care of”. He left hurriedly and spoke with Casco del Diablo and Satan, two addicts who were in the Plaza of Recreation, but who know C / P Matador. C / P Trigger told them: “Look! I’m going to give them$ for the cure, but they have to tell me when they see Matador. He gave them his number cell phone on a piece of paper and told them: “They call me fast! I’ll be in a den nearby. The next day, Saturday, it was 8:00 pm and Casco del Diablo and Satan walked through the Plaza. They saw the C / P Matador that was parked and entered the La Familia bakery. Quickly, Helmet del Diablo communicated with Gatillo and said: “Look crazy! in the bakery, here in front, is the Matador eating and drinking. Gatillo replied: “Ok. I’m pa’ll. The C / P Trigger pulled out an AKA 47 rifle and he left with two pliers, the C / P Capota and the C / P Cabezn. The Cabezn was driving the BMW and, when arriving in front of the bakery, C / P Gatillo got off the car and, from the street, He fired indiscriminately into the business, which at that time was full. As a result of these events, C / P Matador died, who fell in front of the bar. A Marriage, Carlos and his wife Rafaela, died sitting at a table near the bathroom. The couple, Eric and Samantha, died in front of the bakery. The owner of the establishment, Jorge Rivera, died inside the counter of the office.
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