Explain the evaluation methodology: Was it a quantitative or qualitative study – or aspects of both? What specific type of methodology was used?

1. Tell me the general area of crime solutions your discussion group chose to explore. (This may have changed since the first group worksheet discussion so be sure to update it) **** https://www.crimesolutions.gov/ProgramDetails.aspx?ID=58 (USE THIS for main source) it explains all those steps and then do research to answer the criteria but mainly this is the main source for the experiment. 2. Tell me the specific program you chose to evaluate – identify it by name and author(s)’s last names. Explain why you chose to evaluate this particular program (EX you might discuss why the program is interesting to you, how it might relate to your future career, and so on). (The program you are evaluating may have changed from your paper proposal – be sure to include the updated information and refer to your proposal feedback) 3.Tell me about the goals of the program and what problem specifically the program is meant to address. 4. Tell me specifically whom the program is meant to help. 5. Tell me what the evaluation outcomes are. 6.Explain the evaluation methodology: Was it a quantitative or qualitative study – or aspects of both? What specific type of methodology was used? (EX survey, experiment, interviews…) Who were the program participants? What were their socio-demographics characteristics? How were these participants selected? If it’s a quantitative study, what were the dependent, independent, and control variables? If it’s a qualitative study, what were the overarching themes found in the data? (This can be found on the program overview webpage, but can also be found in the research article(s) associated with your program) (Be sure to refer to the Research Methods chapter and lecture information) 7.Explain the results of the study. Was the program successful? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the program? (You will find this in the research article associated with your program) 8. If your program is successful, explain to me why you think that is. If your program was not successful, tell me why you believe it was not successful and how to make it better (incorporate class material into either explanation). 9. Tell me which of the theories we have covered in class most exemplifies your chosen program. In other words, tell me which theory you think your chosen program could be based on and why it could be based on that theory. To do this successfully, you will need to explain the theory’s propositions, and then explain how the propositions apply to the program to explain it. (The theory explanation is to describe how the program might have been using the theory for the program’s design – the theory is not about explaining the criminal behavior, per se) 10. Are there any ethical considerations covered by the authors of the report. For instance, did they have to get IRB approval prior to conducting the study? Are they working with protected populations and how do they handle ensuring their safety? Are there considerations of confidentiality, anonymity, and the like? Did they receive funding from an outside source or organization that might bias the study’s results in some way? (This is not an exhaustive list – look over the Research Methods chapter and lecture information to ensure you cover any and all ethnical considerations. Also, the authors may not explicitly state these ethical concerns – you will need to analyze the study and make your own determinations)