Explain the impact of the different types of monetary policy you used.

CH18 Written Assignment (Due Wednesday) Be sure to complete both parts of this assignment for full points. Monetary Policy FOMC Press Release – 10/30/19 Watch the following video of Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, presenting the findings of the Federal Open Market Committee Meeting on October 30, 2019. You can click on the FOMC Press Conference Video, October 30, 2019, and watch about the first 10 minutes of the overall press conference in the Videos section of the Federal Reserve website. Federal Reserve Videos (Links to an external site.) Once you have reviewed the video, discuss the following in 250+ words. Please use complete sentences and keep in mind grammar counts here. Be sure to answer each question in detail: What type of monetary policy are they using and why (expansionary or contractionary)? Explain. What economic factors are they trying to mitigate with this policy? How will the change implemented by the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) likely affect the macroeconomy according to the Chair? Using the aggregate supply and aggregate demand model, explain the predicted impact of this monetary policy on Aggregate Demand, price level, Real GDP and unemployment. Include a correct graph (AS/AD) for this monetary policy for 2 points of extra credit. **Do not plagiarize on this posting. Analyze the data and answer the questions in your own words. Students will receive zero points for plagiarized posts. AND Try your hand at being the Chair of the Federal Reserve…. Please complete the following Game and then answer the questions thoroughly. Please use complete sentences, explain your answers in detail and proofread. This fun game from the San Francisco Federal Reserve branch allows you to try your hand at monetary policy. By altering the Federal Funds rate, you can see the impact of your actions on inflation and unemployment. Try this game and report on how you did. Please include a screenshot of the conclusion page with your assignment. Chair the Fed: A Monetary Policy Game (Links to an external site.) 1. Report on how you did during the simulation. What was the overall outcome of your monetary policy choices? Were you reappointed? 2. Reflect on the assignment. Explain the impact of the different types of monetary policy you used. Did this help you to understand monetary policy a bit better?