Exploring patients understanding of knowledge, attitudes, and perception toward health-associated infections and their willingness to participate in the infection control program in al-Noor specialist hospital

paternalist model, Human rights for health, health literacy, Epistemology, Epistemic injustice 2- you find in result most the patients agree that the hand hygiene is crucial to prevent the infection, this is attributable to the MOH in KSA has carried out many awareness campaigns for the community as a result of the spread of some infectious diseases in the past period such as H1N1, Coronavirus. 3- in contrast, when the researcher asks the patients about (Have you heard about healthcare-associated infections HAI), most of the hospitalized patients were answered yes, through the researcher’s discussion with them, it was found that most patients believe that the flu falls from HAI, and there were only three patients who knew HAI correctly and it turned out that they had been acquired HAI before. see this references