Group Proposal Unit Plan- Building self-esteem among adolecents

You will develop plans for a six-week group counseling series on the topic of building self- esteem among adolescents (teens) ages 14-16. Your plans should provide enough detail that any counselor could pick up your lesson plans and easily execute the entire unit. The topic and activities should be developmentally appropriate for the age group you identify for your unit AND acceptable for a school setting. You must use the attached template for the Unit Plan. The final product should include: 1. Six sessions with clearly explained activities that relate to the topic and follow a natural progression. EACH session should include: o An overall topic for the session (for example, in a family changes group, one topic might be Dealing with Step-Siblings) o Measurable, clearly stated objectives that address the individual session topic o an icebreaker/energizer; o a detailed explanation of activities and/or discussion points during the session; o a closing activity o a list of any materials needed during the session, including the time needed for each session. 2. Your initial session should include activities specific to the first session of a counseling group. These include: o member introductions (this may be included with the icebreaker in the initial session); o an explanation of overall group purpose; and o establishment of rules 3. Your final session should include activities specific to the final session of a counseling group. This includes: o an activity that promotes closure, such as a compliment web; and o a plan for follow-up, which would be explained to the group members. 4. You should be able to assess participant progress through the group to demonstrate effectiveness.