How does Steinbeck’s use of literary devices support a larger idea or theme in his novel Of Mice and Men?

Based on the assignment topic above, we would like to stick to the thesis statement selected in the paper that has been written which is that Steinbeck uses literary devices to establish the idea that many have dreams but not all are able to fulfill them (see last sentence of paragraph 1). Assignment is supposed to be a two chunk, 5 paragraph essay. Three literary devices are supposed to be used: characterization, setting and point of view. Assume that reader already knows the book and therefore summarizing what the book was about is not needed. Six quotations are required and an example of one quote being introduced by each of these is required: a comma, a colon and no punctuation. A total of eight different sentence starters are required: gerund and/or participle, dependent marker, preposition, transitional word. These examples should be annotated, if you don’t have time to do this we can do it from our side.