How long does it take and how much does a typical plane ticket cost?

1.Minimum of 5 sources – not Google and Wikipedia.2.Minimum of 5 pages plus graphs, pictures, etc.3.Describe in detail, the geography, people, political system, economic system, and legal system.4.Describe status of economic development and discuss reasons for this state of development.5.Provide a brief history of the country.6.Any other additional pertinent information.Questions your Country report should answer:1.Does your company currently do business in your selected country?2.If so, describe the business activities.3.What is your company’s position on ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability? How will this be shown in how your product is introduced to your country?4.What are the ethics in your selected country? How did you measure? What scales are used?5.Is your country a member of WTO or other trade organizations? How does this impact your company and business with this country?6.How much FDI is in place in your country? Describe the types of FDI in the country. How might your company(COSTCO) participate in FDI? Is this recommended? Why or why not?7.How is your country integrated with surrounding countries? (COSTCO)8.Discuss your country’s (CHINA) currency and exchange rate. 9.Compare and contrast your country to the USA across a broad base of measurements.10.How do you get to your country? How long does it take and how much does a typical plane ticket cost? How much is business class? Would you recommend business class ticket? Why or why not? Is a visa required to visit your country? Discuss the procedures. 11.Describe current events germane to your country and your decisions around how to engage in business in this country.