Identify a research question that would guide your exploration of the area of research interest that you have identified.

You are an employee of the State bank of Vietnam and your bank participates in a range of forums and takes part in international discussions with other central banks. The topics include the state of the world economy and measures to ensure the stability of financial markets and to improve their structure.”

In addition, the bank also conducts research and studies on financial issues, compiles and releases statistics and engages in public relations activities. You have been asked to present a research paper in one of the forums on any one financial issue existing in the financial sector that needs the attention of various central banks globally.

Assessment guidelines

In the written research paper, you should conduct your own research which goes above and beyond the course materials provided to you. The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding through a written Paper. Your research Paper begins with finding an issue given on any contemporary topics like regulation of financial markets in different countries, Basel III, derivative markets, or any topic of your interest from the global financial markets and institutions.You should identify an issue that you believe is both important and of interest to you. Various videos have been posted on the assignment page “Research paper” on canvas that may give you some ideas for some new and emerging issues in the global financial sector.
Identify a research question that would guide your exploration of the area of research interest that you have identified. Note: see below the video to know how to write a research question and other relevant information which will help you to do this assignment.
After you have identified a research question, you will need to investigate possible approaches to examine your chosen research question and map out your strategy. Your final product will be assessed on how well you succeed in identifying, explaining and analysing relevant issues and arguments, to produce a clear and concise paper, where issues are logically developed in a well-thought-out structure, and how well you can support your findings with the relevant evidence.
Design approach – Your research paper is a conceptual paper, which examines a range of literature called “literature review” relating to your selected research question. Conceptual papers are simply papers without data