Introduction to Business and Management

Learning Activity #1 Research the Newmans Own brand. Explain how the company fulfills the definition of a business for profit and a non-profit business at the same time. Consider in the response the functions of business, entrepreneurship and production concerns. Be sure to define these areas and how they fit the company. Would running Newmans Own require a business mindset? Explain why or why not. Learning Activity #2 There are four common ways for a firm to expand its operations into overseas markets: importing, exporting, licensing, and franchising. Select the one method that a CEO of a large furniture company would use. Define the method. Explain in detail why this method would be appealing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the method? Select the one method that a CEO of a Software Company would use. How would this selection differ than the CEO of a large furniture company? Explain why. Be sure to use concepts from the course readings to support the reasoning or conclusions. When explaining importing and exporting options, pay particular attention to the discussion last week about the balance of trade.
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