JOHN ADAMS – HBO Mini-Series – Episodes One and Two.

JOHN ADAMS – HBO Mini-Series – Episodes One and Two

Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney star in this Emmy-winning, seven-part HBO miniseries about American Founding Father John Adams. The series is available on HBO, HBO Now, Hulu, and Amazon — if you don’t have access to HBO, Hulu offers the best deal of a 30-day free trial). Each episode is about an hour, a couple of them are a little longer. I think you will find them engaging, informative, and entertaining, as well as an excellent way to better visualize what life was like during the American Revolution era.

For this assignment, after watching episodes one and two, summarize each episode and offer your reflections on what you watched (i.e., themes, favorite scenes, things you didn’t expect, negatives, positives, reviewing it as a film, etc.). Be descriptive and specific (convince me you actually watched each episode). Start watching the series right away as your first response to episodes one and two will be due on September 27th to coincide with the course material about the American Revolution. The next summaries and impressions covering episodes three and four will be due by October 11th, and the last one reflecting on the last three episodes will be due on November 8th. Obviously, if you would like to get a head start and watch them all sooner you are welcome and encouraged to do so and submit your papers earlier.


Include a brief summary of the presentation(s), what you thought to be most surprising, powerful, and/or interesting, critical review, etc., favorite scenes, least favorite, etc.