Leadership Skills Response:Analyze five basic skills of effective leadership.

Objective 3: Analyze five basic skills of effective leadership. Every effective leader has many skills that will help provide solid leadership to others. Without certain basic skills, your ability to inspire others to do their jobs well will be compromised. Learning Activity #4: Leadership Skills Response Read the article 5 Critical Skills Every Leader in Public Service Should Have, by Thomas Edison State University at the following link: http://blog.tesu.edu/5-skills-every-leader-in-public-service-should-have Additionally, click on the link, good leaders, which is located in the paragraph above the first critical skill. Read Splashed Water from your textbook, p. 41, #8. Write a 2-3 page response to the following points: o Summarize the five critical skills described in the article. o After clicking on the link in the article, briefly describe traits of bad and good leaders. o What are the advantages of being a good leader?