Life Threatening Injury Essay

This is an essay for a 3rd year Paramedic Student. Essentially the essay is about the presentation of a specific trauma patient , the pathophysiology of their injury and the treatment they would receive in accordance to best current practice. The patient is a 30 year old male who weighs 88kgs, he has a past medical history of atopic asthma and takes salbutamol for this. He has allergies of both dust and shellfish. The mechanism of injury is that he has received partial to full thickness burns on the lower face, upper chest and upper arms due to a gas explosion whilst cooking indoors, with subsequent smoke inhalation. All current practice must be from a NSW ambulance point of view, a national Australian point of view and also internationally. All instructions will be provided on the essay descriptor which will be uploaded, along with the rubric to refer to for marking. Any other questions feel free to ask while going along and i will be happy to answer.