List and discuss the Crimes in the Bible.

Write a personal thread concerning the topic and questions below: CLASS: Criminal Law Word Count: 250- 275 Topic: Crimes in the Bible?? Pick a crime that is described in the Bible and discuss the following (Do not use Cain and Able): Elements of the crime as it is presented in the Bible. How it compares to the modern equivalent (if there is no modern crime equivalent then pick the closest modern crime). How does it compare to the equivalent crime in the State of Texas? Discuss the sin/crime concept “all crimes are sin, but not all sins are crimes” and the effect this might have on punishment. Details concerning layout and references: All writing and references must be APA style Integration of biblical principles – One Bible reference is required You must cite your sources parenthetically in the text as needed and provide full citations at the end of thread (4 sources): 1: One Bible reference is required – Integration of biblical principles 2: Two scholarly sources (in addition to your textbook and bible reference) 3: One textbook source Chapters 12 and 15 (see textbook below) Gardner, T. J., & Anderson, T. M. (2018). Criminal law (13th ed.). Belmont, CA See Grading Criteria in attachment:
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