List and explain three groups or documents that support health care as a fundamental right.

1) What demands on ethical health care do you see for the future? How can knowledge of ethical theory assist you with meeting these demands?
2) When people continue to die without advanced directives, what is the most reasonable response for healthcare providers to make?
3) Suppose a woman is a celebrity whose income depends on her being “body ready” for her next role. She also wants to be a mother and has unlimited income to invest in a child that will meet her specifications of the “right baby”. Also, suppose that the technology that she desires in now readily available. From an ethics standpoint, how do you defend her decision to have the baby she desires? How would you refute the ethics of such a decision? How could a being a baby created by technology and according to specifications affect the child? How could it affect the child, as he/she becomes an adult? What, if any, limitations should be placed on the baby business?
4) You are a physician in a busy family practice. Even though you are busy, you want to comply with guidelines for addressing domestic violence issues in your practice. Your next patient is Jesse, a 14-year-old female whose complaint is severe headaches. While you are doing your physical examination, you notice bruising on Jesse’s arms and legs. She also has a bruise that resembles a handprint on her face.
a. What would you do?
b. What ethics principles support your action?
c. If Jesse does not have a logical explanation for her bruises, and denies abuse, what is your next step?
5) List and explain at least three safeguards to consider when developing policy on assisted death.
6) List and explain three groups or documents that support health care as a fundamental right.
7) What four areas decide if a patient’s treatment decision is competent?
8) Give at least two examples of healthcare decisions labeled as rationing, but are actually not rationing.
9) According to Petrozella, public conversation about abortion will not be successful until if finds what element?
10) List two ethics issues associated with human cloning.