Maintaining a culturally appropriate N-PTR assignment

ASSESSMENT TASK 1: DESCRIPTION This assessment task requires you to analyse how you, as a nursing student, will establish and maintain a culturally appropriate nurse-person therapeutic relationship (N-PTR) with Mrs Windbarra which incorporates her cultural needs. Case study: Mrs Gloria Windbarra is a 76 year old Aboriginal woman who was born and raised in a remote Aboriginal community in northern Queensland. At the age of 22, she married a Torres Strait Islander man, Tommy, and relocated to live in the islands of the Torres Strait. Mrs Windbarra is multilingual with English being her second language. Mr and Mrs Windbarra have five adult children. Three of her children continue to live in the Torres Strait while her other two children live interstate. Mrs Windbarra presented to Thursday Island Hospital with increasing shortness of breath and lethargy. She was diagnosed with heart failure and was subsequently transferred from Thursday Island to a mainland regional hospital for further investigation and management of her heart failure. Mrs Windbarra was admitted to the regional hospitals medical ward and is accompanied by her daughter, Jenny, who is a health professional working in the Torres Strait. Mrs Windbarra also has some extended family living close to the hospital. You are on placement in the medical ward where Mrs Windbarra has been admitted and have been allocated to care for Mrs Windbarra throughout her hospital stay. Task description: Using this case study, describe how you will establish and maintain an ongoing N-PTR with Mrs Windbarra during her hospital stay. Consider how you will achieve cultural safety with Mrs Windbarra. What are Mrs Windbarras likely cultural and holistic needs that should be incorporated into her nursing care? What strategies (. communication style) would you as a nursing student take to ensure a helpful N-PTR? A description of your key strategies is required. Provide a rationale for each strategy, explaining how it relates to the cultural safety and patient centred care you intend to provide. Assessment task 1 consideration points: * Assessment task 1 is a reflective essay, therefore, it is appropriate to write in the first person. ? * Refer to contemporary, peer reviewed references in your essay to support your understanding of culturally safe nursing practice. ? * identify and apply the principles and practices of cultural safety and reflective practice in the care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples ? * evaluate the impact of colonisation and historical events on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ access and engagement with health services ? Please include prescribed text: Best, O. & Fredericks, B. (2018). Yatdjuligin: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nursing and midwifery care (2nd ed.). Port Melbourne, Australia: Cambridge University Press.
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