Mastering Key Functions of Governance – Quality of Governance

Course Description The capstone course in Government providesin the context of a biblical Christian worldviewan overview, discussion, and evaluation of leading figures, theories, subfields, and schools of thought within the broad field of political science. Discussion Board Posts Request (DB posts are blog type posts that students use to interact with one another, commenting on each others post). Word Count: at least 500-550 (two pages) The professor is looking for the writings and argument be from a Christian perspective One scripture reference is required. Topic: Mastering Key Functions of Governance?? Thread: Discuss various aspects of quality of governance (see textbooks and chapters that cover this topic below). 1: Identify the key functions performed by sovereign states. 2: Given the nature of the functions performed, answer the following questions: What factors determine good governance? Be specific. How does performance of functions differ by type of governmental structure? 3: Lastly, what adverse consequences may result from deficiencies in the delivery of the identified functions? Explain. ?Consider the following while writing this discussion board thread: Recognize key functions performed by institutions, law, and politics. Recognize consequences of deficiencies that emerge in institutions. Recognize consequences of deficiencies that emerge in a nations legal system. Recognize consequences of deficiencies that emerge in politics. *****1 Scripture reference is required**** Textbook References below (4 references required + one scripture): (See chapters 7-16 for the discussion board post) Goodin, Robert E., ed. The Oxford Handbook of Political Science. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. (See chapters 9-10 for the discussion board post) Reimer, Neil, Douglas W. Simon, and Joseph Romance. The Challenge of Politics: An Introduction to Political Science. 5th ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: CQ Press, 2015. (See chapter 3 for the discussion board post) McDonald, Olivia M. Acknowledging God in the Decisions of State: A Treatise on Biblical Statesmanship. 2nd ed. Suffolk, VA: Grace House Publishing, 2015. Grading Criteria (see attachment):
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