Product innovation – Crumpler bags. – Find a new target segment for the campaign ‘welcome stranger’ (they are already targeting travelers, follows the concept of multI- localism) and create customer persona for it.

The aim of this assignment is to identify and analyze a target consumer segment and to develop a design persona for use in the next assignment (which would be innovating the existing product for the target segment we chose) but for now we have to come up with a target segment for the brand – Crumplers ‘welcome stranger’ campaign. they are already tageting travelers/ millenials. the whole campaign is based on the concept of multi localism. pls think on those lines. the following is the flow: Executive summary (not included in word count) TOC (not included in word count) Target consumer segment and insights (50%) Determination, analysis and profiling of an appropriate and attractive consumer target market / segment within the welcome Stranger context that represents a significant opportunity for the client. GeoDemographics Lifestyle Psychographics Need states Benefits sought Customer purchase journey Other important insights Summary design persona (50%) – insightful persona that enables focused ideation to be undertaken (A3 final persona needed) Demographics Behaviours Preoccupations Influences Wants, needs and measures of success Tensions, fears, frustrations, obstacles Narrative / story Summary and implications for developing new products in the the welcome Stranger design context NB