Project procurement

Individual Assignment Background: Govornment Medical A major Government Medical Research organisation is building new laboratory facilities across the state. Site locations And Laboratory Building Designs have been selected and project budget have been approved. GovMed has a time imperative as project funding could be reallocated should there be delays in commencing the program. Consultancy Brief: You have been appointed as the Project and Procurement Advisor to this organisation. GovMed is seeking advice on the following: 1. Which project delivery contract models should they consider and adopt for the construction of these laboratories 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these models and which would you recommend and why? 3. What contract clauses should they tighten to ensure that project cost, timelines and delivery performance are met? 4. Prepare a risk register and advise how these risks are considered in the contract 5. Suggest a contracting approach for this project and provide a procurement schedule State your assumptions and provide a basis for your answers.