Proposal & Annotated Bibliography : Tesla Car.

For your proposal, you must write a format proposal for the product you would like to advertise. Ideally you would choose an existing product and construct a narrative around it. Your proposal must be at least 250 words explaining your plans for your advertisement. What medium are you working in? What is your product ? What are you selling ? What is the metaphor ? What is the narrative ? Explain your ethos, pathos, logo and kairos. How can you speak directly to your audience? The annotated bibliography is similar to a works cited page. Basically, it is a list of your sources and short description of how you will use your sources in your project. However on your assignment, instead of a thesis statement , you would include your proposal.  Research your product. Tell me why it improve the consumer’s live. This is the most scientific part of the project. Show me the facts and figures that prove your point. If your consumer were to buy this product, how would their lives be improved? Showcase its features and benefits. Includes at least 3 sources.