PsyD 751 Module 8 Discussion # 1- Quality Improvement and Quality control

Discussion # 1- Quality Improvement and Quality control Based on the background materials, discuss how quality is improved through evidence-based practice. Explain your response and cite your source(s). Required Readings for these discussions: American Nurse Today (2017). Differentiating research, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement. Retrieved from (See the section Understanding QI). Applying Evidence-based practice to improve quality (2012). Retrieved from ASHL (2017). Evidence Based Practice (EBP). Retrieved from (see step 4) Improvement Foundation (2016) What is Quality Improvement? [Video file]. Retrieved from (3:34) Jenson, J. M. & Howard, M. O. (2013). Evidence-Based Practice. Encyclopedia of Social Work. Retrieved from Quality-Assurance and Evidence-Base (QAE) Framework. Retrieved from Understanding evidence: Evidence based decision-making summary. Retrieved from OPTIONAL Hunsley, J. (2012). How to be an evidence-based psychologist. Retrieved from