Review the Uncanny X-Men issue.

Blog Posts are designed to give you practice writing in a public mode and to help you actively respond to the reading and other assignments. The aim is to give students space to explore new ideas, raise questions, develop insights, think critically, and/or create comics. Blog posts must be a minimum of 800 words and include at least one image, either one you have created or one you have found. Please note: Blog entries are not summaries of the reading and students should not summarize the plot in their entries. Instead, use the Blog Post as a way to pursue a question or idea and/or create a comic in relation to the prompt. Blog Posts should be Word documents double spaced in 11 or 12-point font. You should include a title that is different from your text’s title. Also, please put your name at the top of the first page and also on any extra pages you submit (for instance, if you submit a comic separately).

Focus on analyzing one of the three female superheroes—Nubia, Storm, or Vixen–that Deborah Whaley discusses in her chapter by writing a review of one issue of one of the comics in which this superhero stars. If you’d like to write about Storm you can review the Uncanny X-Men issue I posted on Canvas; otherwise you will need to find your own. Make an argument about why this superhero is worth remembering by drawing on at least two sentences from Whaley’s chapter. Be sure to mention the year the comic was produced and try to connect it to its historical context even as you explain its significance for us today. Include at least one image from the comic in your review and analyze it in your Blog Post.