Selecting Your Small-Scale Project Subject

Assignment: Write two paragraphs Assignment: Selecting Your Small-Scale Project Subject To prepare for this Assignment, identify an applied business problem for the basis of your study. You are free to choose the problem for your project; however, you might consider choosing a problem related or similar to your proposed Doctoral Study problem, Problem: Procurement fraud is the second largest economic crime regarding losses, trailing only to theft (Price, Waterhouse, & Coopers, 2014). Political leaders and legislators in the federal government have faced difficulties fraud, waste, and abuse within public organizations as well as the private sector where procurement is rampant (US Office of Management and Budget, 2015). The political leaders only make unfulfilled promises to fight procurement fraud and organizations continue to struggle with fraud, waste, and abuse of limited resources. Fraud, waste, and abuse increase organizational spending and resources are lost in peoples’ pockets without constructive or significant use for the companies. Billions of dollars are lost every year to fraud, and a study that investigates procurement fraud by an experimental method focusing on employees and organizations would help in identifying the causes (Curry, 2017). The general business problem is that employees are not adequately encouraged to detect and report fraud, wastage, and abuse in the procurement process. The specific business problem is that federal and private organizational leaders lack effective strategies to identify the problem. Write a two-paragraph summary of the process by which you selected your business problem, your interviewees (two or more), and how you will gain access to your participants. A brief rationale for why you have chosen this topic and detailed information identifying why the interviewees are appropriate. Throughout this course, you will complete a small-scale research project by conducting a mock qualitative interview study. This project will include conducting and transcribing interviews with at least two participants, analyzing the data, and presenting the findings. This project will give you first-hand experience with conducting qualitative research and could also contribute to your Doctoral Study. Be sure to review the Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project Overview document provided in this weeks Readings for details and deadlines for each component of the project. Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project Task Timeline Week 1: Selecting Your Small-Scale Project Topic: Procurement fraud Week 2: The Interview Guide Week 3 & 4: Conducting the Interviews Week 5: Coding of the Interviews and Theme Analysis Week 6: Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project Write-Up
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