The Efficacy of Animal Assisted Interventions using Canines with Adolescents

A literature review/proposal that includes a unique research question, a coherent analysis of the literature, and a research design that includes plausible methods for answering the research question at hand. Intermediate level literature reviews should exceed minimum expectations and show a higher level of thinking about the topic area and research question. The literature review addresses an identified question that is well-supported by a sufficient number of well-chosen research articles, shows clear attention to organization, proceeds logically, and clearly identifies shortcomings of existing research. The proposed research should be designed in such a manner that it adequately fills identified gaps and should offer a plausible method for gathering the appropriate data to answer the question at hand. REQUIRED SECTIONS OF THE PAPER – (These are also the ONLY Level 1 Headers the paper will have): Abstract: (150-250 word) summary of the entire paper. The abstract should include the problem area, gap in the research, proposed research design and potential contribution of the research. Background: (Referred to as the Literature Review)- 10 pages total – The literature review should proceed logically from the general problem area down to the specific research being proposed. Lit review includes the following: – An identified problem area and its significance, in terms of scope, impact, urgency, etc. – A clear research question that can be addressed within the scope of a 10-page paper. – Identification and evaluation of other relevant research that has been conducted and why this body of research is not sufficient to answer the question at hand (. does existing research not ask the right questions, or measure the right variables? Do they only focus on a particular age? Or not take age into account?) – Adequate explanation of concepts and a clear statement of the expectations or research hypotheses. Method: Proposal of new (. improved) research (3 pages total). Papers should clearly explain the primary method (research design) that will be used to gather information, which includes: Participants, Instrumentation, and Procedure as subheadings. In addition, the proposal should address how the study will sufficiently protect the welfare of the participants of their study. If a survey instrument is to be constructed, include a sample of the survey, as well as how responses might be coded or analyzed. All aspects of any interventions should be well explained. Data Analysis and Anticipated Results: The data analysis process should be clearly explained along with the anticipated outcomes of the study. Data analysis should detail how demographic data will be reported, as well as what statistical tests will be run to test hypotheses (if applicable). Discussion: The implications of the research should be explored, as well as ways that the proposed research may meaningfully contribute to existing knowledge. Minimum of 25 citations. The paper should be scholarly in tone and authoritative. This is not an essay (. opinion piece), a reaction paper, or a report. Papers should clearly articulate the purpose and significance of the study and supported ideas with references to relevant literature.