The Joint Inspection Unit role in the United Nations system (organizing, clustering and synthesizing the findings of JIU products)

This dissertation should be prepared by Top 10 author according to the order: #82120195 The paper must be carried out in accordance with a serious high analytical standard and comply with the requirements for Masters dissertations. The author should concentrate on the role of the work of the Joint Inspection Unit in the UN system, in particular the JIU has produced 50 years worth of information, however, no comprehensive work has been carried out organizing, clustering and synthesizing the findings of JIU products. So the scope of questions can be: What has the JIU learned about the efficiency and effectiveness of the UN? Have UN organizations remained the same or have their practices changed over time? Which themes, areas and organizations has the JIU covered well and less well over the years? (We can concentrate on one of them according to the short format of the dissertation (8000 words but make it clear and provide deep analysis).