Theories of Instructional Design and Assessment Notebook

Theories of Instructional Design and Assessment Notebook Create a digital notebook (Google Docs, One Note, Word Document, etc.) to gather knowledge about student theories and their role in planning instruction. This notebook should relate to the 7th grade level and Reading content area. You will add to this notebook. The following areas should be included: 1. Research the theories of cognitive, humanistic, and behavioral schools of thought. How are these theories different/the same? How you will use them in your lesson plan. 2. Learning objectives to related 7th Grade Florida Reading Standards. 3. Instructional strategies (Curriculum Compacting, Brain Teasers, Providing Recognition, Adapt Content, and Exit Ticket/Ticket Out the Door) that connect the 7th Grade Florida State Standards objectives to instructional activities. 4. Applicable assessments and data-driven decisions. 5. Differentiated Instruction to include diversity and student strengths and needs through small group. APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. Cite and reference as necessary. This assignment uses a rubric. Your notebook should include a cover page and a reference page. Your notebook is more than a collection of the experiences and assignments from this course. It should include a 150-250 word narrative in every area that puts what you learned into context. How will you use what you have learned in each area to improve your instruction?