Unit 3: Journal Discussion Peer Response – Innovative Strategy; Life Cycle

MBA 695 Strategic Management Unit 3: Peer Comments to Journal Discussion Innovative Strategy; Life Cycle Stage Respond to One Peer Journal (1) peer journal discussion that you are to respond to as follows. Cover page not needed. Peer Responses It is important that you become comfortable receiving and giving constructive criticisms, since this is an important component in ones professional growth and development and a core competency for leaders. Students will be expected to read the initial posting of three peers, and then provide thoughtful comments addressing the following: a) Comments demonstrate critical thinking, application, examples, and contribute substance to discussion dialogue. b) Point out what you agree with that your peer has written in the discussion; what you perceived to be the strengths of the initial posting of the subject matter, along with supporting rationale. c) Identify specific opportunities for improvement with regard to the content in the initial posting. Furthermore, you should provide supporting rationale for your stated position, as well as concrete suggestions and guidance intended to strengthen the effectiveness of the content. FYI.THIS IS THE JOURNAL DISCUSSION QUESTION EACH PEER RESPONDED TO: Initial Posting – After completing the weekly reading, find an organization/ company that you feel is innovative and define the type of innovation (inventive, incremental, radical) and/or the category(ies) of innovative strategy they use (Dyer, et al, (2017), Chapt 10, p. 181-189 [eBook]). What life cycle stage is this company currently in? Is innovation necessary for this company at this time? Justify your viewpoints using sources for support. Title: Strategic management: Concepts and tools for creating real world strategy. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons Edition: 2 Authors: Dyer, J., Godfrey, P., Jensen, R., & Bryce, D. Publisher: Wiley, 2017 Title: Elevate: The three disciplines of advanced strategic thinking Edition: 1 Authors: Horwath, R. Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, 2014
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