Unit 5 Journal Discussion – Diamond of National Advantage

Strategic Management MBA695 Journal Discussion Unit 5 Readings and Materials Textbooks: Dyer, Godfrey, Jensen & Bryce: Chapter 9 International Strategies Horwath: Conclusion (Uploaded) Documents Porter, M.E. (1990, March/April). The competitive advantage of nations. Harvard Business Review,68 (2), 73-93 (Uploaded) Note: also see Dyer et al, (2017), Chapt 9, p.163, Figure 9.5 [eBook]). If you desire additional information on this strategic tool, try web searches using Porters Diamond of National Advantage. (Uploaded) PowerPoint: Dyer et al: Chapter 9 PowerPoint Presentations (Uploaded) Directions: Journal Discussion After reading the article by Michael Porter on his Diamond of National Advantage (in addition to Dyer et al, (2017), Chapt 9, p.163, Figure 9.5 [eBook]).), apply Porters Diamond to an organization and an international geographic market where the organization currently does business. Apply and summarize all four factors of the diamond to the organization and market. You may need to do research on the company and its operations in the international market as well as background on Porters Diamond. Be sure the web sites you use are academically sound. Text Books and Materials Title: Strategic management: Concepts and tools for creating real world strategy. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons Edition: 2 Authors: Dyer, J., Godfrey, P., Jensen, R., & Bryce, D. Publisher: Wiley, 2017 Title: Elevate: The three disciplines of advanced strategic thinking Edition: 1 Authors: Horwath, R. Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, 2014
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