Using color in Styling

In this last unit on colour you have learnt all about the science and psychology of colour. In this unit project we invite you to submit two different style boards, or mood boards if you prefer, choosing two different colour pairings from the list below: Complementary Analogous Triadic Tetradic Monochromatic Please ensure that your boards represent each represent a different coulor pairing. So don’t submit two monochromatic boards, or two complementary boards, instead choose two different pairings. Also submit with each board your description for the event and how you see it all unfolding. This is about developing a style that suits you and putting some structure behind what you do and how you present your concepts to your client.suggest using Canva to create your board as it is a free online tool. Here is a link to Canva that tells you more about creating mood boards and here is another article from them too It is not compulsory to use Canva and if you have another tool you would prefer to use that is perfectly fine.
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