Venue Design Analysis, Venue Condition Assessment

Venue Design Analysis. Format Individual Report Length 1,500 words, It has got 02 Parts: This assessment requires an analysis of both the design and the condition of a venue. It assess the learning in Topics 2 5. The assessment should be written in an Executive Report format and there are two main parts in the body of this assessment. Part One: Venue Design Analysis (~750 words) Analyse whether proper design principles have been applied to your chosen venue. Has the intended purpose of the design been achieved? Have the objectives of the various stakeholders been met? Are there other considerations that were, or should have, been made in the design of the venue? Part Two: Venue Condition Assessment (~750 words) Explain the rational behind a Venue Condition Assessment based on the literature as well as the objectives, challenges and benefits associated with such an appraisal. Assess the condition of your chosen venue using the VCA form created in Assessment 1 (with modifications after feedback).
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