What are the broader environmental factors affecting the industry?

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Using the rubric below, create your written analysis paper in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx file type). The format is a maximum of three pages long, single-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and appropriately titled headings for paragraphs. The inclusion of an Appendix (maximum of additional two pages) is optional. Points will be deducted for failing to adhere to any of these formatting requirements.
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1. What problem or issue is the central focus of this case?
Please use concise sentences to describe the problems the focal firm have. You may figure out
one or more issues in the case but please select one of them as your focus and briefly talk about
your reasons. For minor issues, briefly mentioning them is enough. It is ok that you may select
different issues as the primary focus, but please explicate your logic and be consistent in your
entire case analysis.
2. How do the five forces apply to this case?
The question is related to five forces. Porter’s Five-force Model is used to analyze INDUSTRIES
rather than individual firm. So, you are supposed to briefly analyze the industry that the focal
firm is completing in rather than the focal firm. Of course, the forces that affect the focal firm
may also affect other firms in this industry, but you need to be cautious to apply the individual
case to all firms in the industry.
All five forces may or may not be covered in the cases but try your best to figure them out as
completed as possible.
When you organize your answer, please indicate each force clearly, explicate your opinion and
reasons. For example,
“The bargaining power of suppliers in XX industry is low/moderate/high because XXX”
3. What are the broader environmental factors affecting the industry?
This question is related to the general environment. Please explicate how general environment
affect the INDUSTRY rather than merely mentioning these segments.
4. What is the focal company’s current strategy?
This question is related to strategy. We have covered business-level strategy and corporate-level
strategy. You can talk both but please explicitly indicate their strategies and explain them
clearly. Try to connect what we have learned with the case.
5. How well do the focal firm’s resources or capabilities (e.g. competences) distinguish it from its
competition as well as contribute to value creation?
You are supposed to evaluate the resources and capabilities of the focal firm. First, you should
list what resources or capabilities the focal firm has. Second, use the VRIO model to analyze how
well these resources can help the focal firm to distinguish it from competitors.
6. What is the focal company’s competitive advantage?
Consider the definition of competitive advantage and think about what the value proposition of
the focal firm is, and how it can help the focal firm generate above-average profit in the long
7. What should the focal company do and what are the main reasons for your
Your answer to this question should be consistent with your answer to the first question
because you are supposed to give suggestions to their primary issue or problem. You also need
to consider whether your recommendations can be realized in practice.
8. What are the financial performance implications for your recommendations?
Your answer to this question should be related your previous questions. If the company follow
your recommendations, what changes can they expect on their financial statements?