What are the strategies that new graduate nurses can use to overcome incivility and bullying in their new nursing role?

This is a narrative literature review. Based on this topic, conduct a search for relevant articles. Your search criteria has to be clear, and the reader should be able to follow how you narrowed your search, and came to decide on which articles to include. You will need to critically review a range of academic journal articles (no less than 15 peer reviewed articles, no older than 5 years old, unless it is theoretical or seminal work) to explore this topic. Look both locally, nationally, and internationally (Westernized countries) for literature. ? Critically review the findings of each study; this is not a summary do not approach this task like an essay. ? Compare and contrast, critically analyze and synthesise study findings as presented in the literature ? Literature findings should be grouped, as appropriate, under sub-headings i have attached all required instructions please follow it carefully as this is a very important assignment and i need to get good marks on it.