What are you currently doing in the community, and if not, what could you do?

 Using any relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, parent-child, etc.) that you are currently in, reflect on the concepts from the Body of Knowledge (BOK) and answer the following questions. Core Concepts1) Basic Human Needs: Identify your basic human needs by incorporating Maslow’s hierarchy. What level are you currently satisfying and how do you plan to achieve each additional level?Self- Actualization:Esteem Needs:Belongingness and Love Needs:Safety Needs:Physiological Needs:2) Community Vitality: How does your community contribute to your well-being? In what ways do you impact the community? 3) Family Strengths: What are your family strengths? (Chapter 3) 4) Individual Well-Being: Assess your individual well-being, this involves being self-aware of your physical, emotional, and mental health to empower you to make healthy choices and interact with others, the community, and the environment.  Cross-Cutting Themes 5) Wellness: Are you in a stable and secure environment and what opportunities do you have to take responsibility for improving your wellness? This could include dimensions that are physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional.   6) Appropriate Use of Technology: What are some ways that you are impacted by technology, and what is a possible future consequence to consider? How are you incorporating technology and how does it affect your quality of life? How will this technology impact you physically, socially, or emotionally? Technologies can include things like communication, energy, food and agriculture, materials, medical technology, tools and devices, transportation, etc.  7) Capacity Building: Individual- Are there any areas in life where your resources (time, money, energy, etc.) are lacking? How could you develop more capacity to help you cope with change, solve problems, and thrive? Community- What are you currently doing in the community, and if not, what could you do?  8) Global Interdependence: In our modern world, we are globally interconnected in many ways. What are some ways you can make a global impact (ie/ sustainability, public policy, resource development, etc.)?  Integrative Elements 9) Human Ecosystem: Using Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model, identify one specific person or agency that fits into each system. Microsystem:Mesosystem:Exosystem:Macrosystem:Chronosystem:10) Life Course Development: According to one of the researchers/theorists you have studied in this program (ie/Duvall, Erikson, Arnett, etc.) identify a recent transition in your life-course development. Then determine your current stage of development and the associated tasks that you should accomplish in this stage. Cite your source (Hint/ read through Chapter 3 and look for more information online). 11) List your sources in APA format. (Hint: the article and textbook should be included plus any additional outside sources).