What compression is used when a RAW image file is created by a DSLR camera ?

What compression is used when a RAW image file is created by a DSLR camera ? A ____________ CPU uses multiple sets of pipelining logic to speed processor execution. .Encode -36 into an 8 bit 2’s complement binary integer. ______________ Encode -44 into an 8 bit signed binary integer. _______________ Encode -15 into a 1’s complement binary integer. ______________ A streaming image of a file looks most closely like the ___________ representation of the file. Encode – 11 7/8 ths into 32 bit IEEE floating point binary. What are the eight bits that identify the exponent? ___________ Mapping virtual pages to memory frames is accomplished using a page _____ What type of file is best used for storing the daily inventory of FED EX delivery vehicle.. Unlike OS systems calls, linking and loading ______________ functions must be done while compiling an application program. When a program and all of its libraries and modules must be loaded and linked before execution, this is called __________________ linking and loading. The Image below depicts RAID stripping and ______________ When a Virtual program page is not loaded in cache memory on time, what type of fault has occurred. ______________.. When a CPU uses polling it must periodically check a ________ bit before transferring a byte of data to memory the CPU. On your PC the date and size of each file is usually visible to the user. The data is referred to as _____________. The exponent of the IEEE floating point binary 1 1000 0011 1011 0000 0000 0000 0000 000 is equal to what integer _____________ Virtual pages and ________ frames in memory are the same size A 5 LED light display on a hallway is used to notify a nurse which patient has pressed their call button. How many patients can be identified when 1 or more lights are active __________. The OS services interrupts from a ____________ when it services multiple tasks on a regularly scheduled round robin basis. When a software program executes a subroutine call the OS must immediately store the return address on the __________. The control unit of a CPU is used to determine the _________________of instruction execution. The run time mapping of virtual addresses to physical address is done by what hardware device._________ What is the op code identify of the lc3 instruction that immediately loads the pc offset integer value into a register.__________ There are four load instructions in the ISA of the lc3. The ADDs, ANDs and Store instructions total how many other instructions _______________ How many bits are used to identify the program counter offset in an lc3 instruction.
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