What do these texts collectively say about American inheritance?

(Research Question)What do these texts collectively say about American inheritance?(Task) Connect the 5 stories/what you know from parts of stories to the above research questions. Write about how the charters in these stories inherit stuff(such as personality traits, money, and or ideas, exc…) Try and connect them all to how we as humans feel about inheriting something and how it relates to the stories. Use the sources to determine what American inheritance is like. If there’s any questions let me know! No need to do a bibliography and also I have linked a screenshot to my interpretation of what the inheritance is in each story so use this to help you determine what each of the characters in this story inherited!(Sources) 1. There, There by Tommy Orange (only chapters 1-2) book2. IRL by Tommy Pico (only last 5 pages) book3. American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson (first chapter) book4. The day the music spied by Maria Reva (whole story) https://electricliterature.com/bone-music-maria-reva/#article-main-1181975. The Big Short by Raymond Chandler (movie) whole movie but don’t bother watching just know that the stern wood sisters are very rich and there father will do anything for them including cover up secrets. (Rubric)At least 3 body paragraphs, an intro paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph (15 pts)States a clear thesis at the end of the intro paragraph (5 pts)Argument remains the same throughout the paper and each paragraph clearly connects to the thesis (20 pts)Clean, edited for correct punctuation, MLA format throughout paper (10 pts)Citations in each body paragraph (these may be both directly quoted and paraphrased) (15 pts)Citations are relevant to both the paragraph and the overall paper (15 pts)The conclusion reveals to us why this argument is important and ties back to the thesis (10 pts)