What information is necessary to create an account at iTunes?

This project focuses on the pervasive nature of e-commerce and m-commerce. Specifically, I will be examining the partnership between Apple and Starbucks which will allow owners of an iPhone or a product running iTunes to download songs played in a Starbucks location upon entry. Each week will focus upon a new aspect of the IT infrastructure associated with this partnership.Download and explore the iTunes application from itunes Create an account if you don’t have one. Creating an account is free on iTunes. Examine the purchasing process and construct a diagram of the information flow from registration to purchase. Use the Internet or other resources to find out how iTunes processes payments (if you have not purchased music yourself) so that you can include it in the information flow from download to payment.Construct the diagram of information flow, and prepare a 4- to 5-page report that addresses the following questions:1. Search and provide an overview about both companies and their business models.2. What information is necessary to create an account at iTunes? Why is it needed?3. After purchase, what happens if a download is interrupted or fails? Does the system allow you to retrieve the download and, if so, how?4. Each song is considered a micropayment. Utilizing banking services for micropayments is expensive for the one contracting with the bank. How does iTunes avoid the overuse of the bank connectivity in its billing system?(The information needed to create the iTunes account was my, full name, the country I reside in, birthdate, email address and password. I also answered 3 security questions.