What is Christian Counselling or What makes Counselling Christian?

-Collins, Gary R. (2006). Christian counselling: A comprehensive guide (3rd ed.). Dallas, TX: Word Publishing. Page 1 of 11 -Collins, Gray R. (1997). The biblical basis for Christian counselling for people helpers. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress. The following information should be included in the paper. 1. What is Christian Counselling or What makes Counselling Christian? 2. What makes Christian Counselling unique in comparison with other approaches to therapy? 3. Who is a Christian Counsellor? What qualifies him or her to be called a Christian Counsellor? What are some of the personal characteristics of a Christian Counsellor? 4. What is or are the overall goals of Christian Counselling and of a Christian Counsellor? 5. What are some of the techniques and therapeutic interventions that are unique to Christian Counselling? 6. What is the role of the Holy Spirit in the counselling process? 7. What are some other information pertaining to this paper that seems to be relevant to Christian Counselling which is important to include in this paper? The paper will be graded according to the following criteria: 1. Content–Have you answered the questions? 2. Style–Was your writing of undergraduate quality, e.g., did your sentences make sense? Did you have a good introduction and conclusion? 3. Mechanics–Were your words spelled correctly? Was your work punctuated correctly? Did you use correct grammar?