what is leadership impacts on business success in the tech industry?

RESEARCH PROPOSAL TITLE: – what is leadership impacts on business success in the tech industry? COMPANY EXAMPLE: Apple.inc HINTS TO HELP YOU : As you may have heard Apple just reached the 1 trillion market cap with revenues jumping up by 20% which makes it the most lucrative company in the world and the leader of the tech industry today. The company results have soared since Tim cook took office as new CEO of the company and thus redefining its organizational structure, culture and the autocratic leadership style formerly used by steve jobs. Apple leadership is now delegating, participative and integrative Tim cook has a myriad of vice presidents of each department to whom he delegates critical responsibilities, they report to him as he oversees all operations and gives his last approval. Many of Apple corporate responsibilities are divided among those vice presidents & senior managers. creating a spoke and wheel governing structure. This new leadership is aligning apple objectives and directing them towards a long streak of acquisitions and integrations. Apple presence is on multiple business platforms today knowingly that it was just a PC manufacturer in its inception. This is in contrast to the one man knows it all administration style that steve jobs had established during his reign as CEO. We know that leadership defines the vision goals and objectives of an organization. This new leadership led by Tim Cook is definitely motivating apple employees who are now more creative and innovative, to say the least. Numbers speak for themselves. Apple new spoke & wheel hierarchy gives more autonomy and interdependency to its employees which was almost absent under steve jobs. Although the success of the company and its reputation are linked to steve jobs and its former organizational structure. Tim cook leadership has made small changes in its new organizational structure to suit the market and industry demands and this new structure is highly effective in business performance. Vital link: Task1 questions: PAY ATTENTION! 1. What is the aims, scope, and objectives for the research proposal 2. the formulation of the research proposal (no more than one page) 3. academic material to be used in the literature survey 4. establish the success criteria for the achievement of the research proposal 5. Identify the basis of the empirical research