What is the minimum score for the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL7?

“This website has a great description of rules and strategies for fantasy football drafts. You’ll definitely want to look at it as you plan out your strategy before you go into your first draft. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the draft, and use these strategies to help formulate a plan before your draft begins, because being prepared can make drafting a lot more fun.” – Your resources will be organized into sections by the time you turn in your project, but for now, just find resources and write abstracts; you can’t organize resources until you have them all in front of you. —-> I uploaded file “assignment guide” My topic is “How to apply to UB (University at Buffalo) (for in-state, out state, and international + tips from international students)” I want to include in my internet resource guide,1. Tips for seniors (How to get a great score in SAT, ACT, and TOEFL)2. Apply method for as a freshman in UB (in-state, out state, international)3. How to manage high school GPA4. How to write a common essay as perfect. 5. How many methods for applying to UB.6. What is the minimum score for the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL7. When to apply date.8. UB’s SAT, ACT code9. Before you apply to UB then what you need? and what do need to prepare?10. after you apply then what do you need to do?I can’t think anymore so, please adding nice ideas :)And I will write about the international student’s tips. So, you don’t need to write about just tips for international students.Also, I uploaded a sample guide for this assignment and kind of my outline? And!!! you need to write a perfect abstract page• What is this?• What is in it (content, scope)?• How is the information relevant and useful for someone interested in my chosen context?• How is this site productively different from the other resources in the guide? In other words, what is it adding that the other sites don’t?• What tips can help someone use the resource efficiently?