What kind of downtime can customers expect?

In this assignment you will be wearing two hats and switch between them.For your first hat, you own a small business.. Data storage is becoming an issue, so you are looking into cloud storage as an option. You have listed some questions below, which are some of the typical questions asked of cloud storage companies.Do this in the form of a MEMO.Questions asked by you wearing your first hat that you wearing your second hat should respond to:What security measures do you offer? (Customers typically are expected to encrypt their own files and not to assume that the storage provider will do it for them.)Does the provider offer access to logging and auditing data? (Such access lets you confirm whether anyone is modifying your data without your permission.)Can you choose where your data will be stored? (Some customers may need to know the exact location of their data for regulatory compliance.)What kind of downtime can customers expect?How would you recover from a disaster, should major data centers go offline?