What Makes A Person A Leader?Discuss

Using the Microsoft Excel you will need to compute the following using the data set below: Draw/Produce a Scatterplot of the data Calculate the following: Descriptive Statistics: Calculate the mean Calculate the standard deviation Correlations Identify the Pearson r value Identify the Significance value Regression Identify the y-intercept Identify the slope Scenario: What makes a person a leader? A social psychologist hypothesizes that the extent to which people are perceived to be leaders is positively related to the amount of talking they do, regardless of what they are actually saying. She conducts an experiment in which groups of participants solve a problem together. One of the participants in each group is a confederate who speaks a different number of sentences for different groups, half of which are designed to help the group solve the problem and half are not helpful. Following the group work, the confederate is rated by the other participants on his or her leadership ability (1=low, 10=high). The following data represents the findings of this fictional researcher PART 2: Using MS Word create a document in APA format that includes the following: Cover Page Introduction (summary of the paper’s contents) Body paragraphs that address the following: State the null and alternative hypotheses Make a decision about the null hypothesis Draw a conclusion from the analysis Relate the result of the analysis to the research hypothesis Conclusion Reference Page Reflection on the use of Microsoft Excel over the duration of the course listing likes and dislikes.