What process must civil litigants follow?

Step 1: First, do some web surfing to gather information on two processes: How a Bill Becomes a Law What are the names of the stages in this process? What happens in each stage? What can happen to prevent a bill from becoming a law? The Steps in a Civil Lawsuit What process must civil litigants follow? What happens in each stage? What can happen instead of a lawsuit? RESOURCES The U.S. House of Representatives defines the legislative process on their website. Check out the “Resources” tab for even more in-depth info! https://www.house.gov/the-house-explained/the-legislative-process Are you more of a visual learner? The . Congress’ Website “The Legislative Process” explains how a bill becomes a law in a series of videos. Have a look at FindLaw’s well-organized “Stages in a Civil Case” to learn how lawsuits work. Step 2: Use what you have learned to make two flowcharts, one for how a bill becomes a law, and the other for the steps in a civil lawsuit. You may use symbols and shapes found in Microsoft Word to assist you in creating these flowcharts. (If you aren’t familiar with using symbols and shapes in Word, the NAU Online Library’s Learning Express video tutorials can help.) You may also use an online cloud-based flowchart maker such as Gliffy. This program offers a drag-and-drop interface and the ability to export your file as a .JPG or .PDF you can upload to the dropbox. Gliffy and Creately both allow you to create 5 flowcharts for free.
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